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Pilates Classes are available everywhere. Don't let being away from home, or new to pilates stop you from finding out where to take a Pilates lesson near you. Use our studio finder tool to find a exercise session near you, in real time.

Travelling for work or pleasure use to mean that my workouts would usually get lost in the mix. If I was lucky I would practice my exercises in my hotel room alone, or in the hotel gym but thankfully thats all changed for the better.

Now when I am away from home, and i want to practice my exercises, all I need to do to find a good studio is log onto my favorite website site- hint its Everything-About-Pilates.com to find a great studio located nearby.

Use our Pilates Studio finder to find a studio anywhere in the United States.

To use the finder all you need to do is place what you are looking for, and the zip code for the area you are interested in searching for into the search fields and hit submit. The finder will return a list of the closest studios offering exercise programs and workout sessions in the area your searching for in real time. The finder will show you all kinds of cool things about the studios in that area, instantly find out what kind of classes a studio offers, what it looks like, how much it is for a session, directions on how to get to where they are, and much much, much more.

Don’t let being away from home, or being completely new to the exercise stop you from finding Pilates classes near you.

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Apr 15, 2014

Balance And Stability - The Most Important Pieces Of Aging

Balance and stability go hand in hand. Working them to be strong and available as we age will keep us upright and safe.

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I used to be a champion tennis player - playing five times a week and jogging six days a week. After many years - this routine cause me great wear and

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pilates exercises - pilates benefits - everything-about-pilates.com

Pilates benefits helps baby boomers exercise to stay fit and healthy. A good senior fitness program lead men and women toward an active lifestyle.

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Jul 23, 2011

Measuring Your Fitness Health Comes In Many Different Ways

Your personal fitness health is dependent on more than just what kind of exercise you are doing. Health and fitness go hand in hand and measuring one’s level of fitness health.

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