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So much so, that we developed this website. The name says it all. Discover why this exercise routine is becoming one of the fastest growing health and fitness trends in the world today.

pilates ball exercises

You’ll find articles about Pilates exclusively written by certified instructors. You'll be informed of the latest exercises and techniques that will help you change the way your body looks and feels.

Some of the amazing benefits this exercise routine provides include:

  • Greater overall strength
  • Increased core strength
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Better balance and body awareness
  • Spinal lengthening and posture
  • A better mind-body connection

And the list goes on! Anyone can benefit from the integrated fashion in which muscle groups work. This Core building exercise is not only a great overall workout, but the original in functional training.

We cover topics such as the best ab exercises, the best butt exercise workouts, the best ab videos, how to workout at home, bridal fitness, and how to choose the right exercise equipment. We'll even delve into some fun subjects like nude exercising and how to achieve better sex! We cover it all!

Are you a Beginner Student or a Seasoned Athlete?

pilates aqua therapy


We are here for everyone. We offer advice for the novice practitioner and the advanced student featuring articles on the history of this exercise discipline, what to look for in a instructor, the best basic exercises and more.


If you are interested in a sports specific training, check out our articles on golf stretching exercises or rehabilitation. Have arthritis? We'll help you there too.

Workouts For Teens

Have fun with your teen fitness workouts
Making your teen workout fun is the trick

What mother doesn't want a son or daughter to become for active? Today teenagers seem permanently fixed to cell phones, iPods and video games as their social rite of passage.

Obesity in children is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. To many parents getting a child interested in physical activity can be a monumental undertaking.

Teen workouts should be fun. Exercising promotes confidence. Pilates exercises for teenagers help strength muscles, increases flexibilty and gives the child more body awareness.

Affordable Pilates Fitness Equipment For The Home Gym

If you are looking to buy some quality fitness equipment for working out at home, the one piece of home exercise equipment that defines Pilates is the "Reformer".

Made by a variety of manufacturers, buying a Reformer is an investment in good health. Reformer exercises helps build strength in the arms, legs, core and back muscles. Some home models fold up when not in use. Home Reformers range in prices as low as $300 while more expensive models can top around $4000.

The stability ball is another piece of exercise equipment that is ideal for the home. Balance ball exercises are helpful to achieve better coordination and flexibility. A valuable asset for health.

Do You Have A Special Need?

piltes weight training programs

Trying to lose weight? Read our weight loss success article. Just had a baby? Read our prenatal article. Looking to get a better butt? Read about 5 Best Butt Exercises.

We started this site because of our love and belief in the amazing work Joseph Pilates invented over eighty years ago. It’s changed our lives and we want you to discover it as well.

On Line Fitness

Looking for an online fitness trainerr to build your personal exercise program? Let Susannah Marchese put together a workout and meal plan and start building toward your goals today!


We started this site because of our love and belief in the amazing work Joseph Pilates invented over eighty years ago. It’s changed our lives and we want you to discover it as well.

We constantly update our content to be on top of everything about Pilates. We are on the lookout so we can share our very best information from the fitness industry to you.

Want to contribute? Send us an email. "Ask Susannah" email box forms are found through out the site.


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